Halloween Doubles Box Challenge

9th October30th October

A four week competition in which you get put in a box of four other players. You will then play doubles with and against everyone in your box.

On the last week of the competition, things will get a little spooky (being Halloween and all). So on the last week of play, come dressed up as best you can. After play, we will go upstairs, there we will announce who has won the spot prizes, for those that get into it. Light supper will be provided.

Runs every Wednesday for 4 weeks, starting at 7:30pm.

Entry Information

Members: $30
Non-Members: $50

*We Provide shuttles for each box
Entries Close October 6th

Conditions of Entry

  • The competition runs for four (4) weeks.
  • The competition is open to all grades of player, and player do not need to be a registered member of any affiliated clubs or the association.
  • The entry fee will be detailed on the promotional information and on the regulations page when entering online. The amount is different for members and casual players.
  • Entry fees to be received by Friday, 4 October.
  • Player do not require a partner to enter into this competition.
  • Players in each box will play with and against each other (i.e. 4 matches per night with a box of 5 players).
  • Scoring shall be the best of three (3) games to 21 points with no extension. An alternative scoring system may be used depending on number of entry. This will be advised before the competition begins.
  • The winner of each box each week will be promoted to the next highest box for the following week’s event. The loser of each box will be relegated to the next lowest box for the following week’s event. The winner of the highest box and the loser of the lowest box will not change boxes.
  • If a player is unavailable, it is the player’s responsibility to find a substitute of a similar ability. The tournament controller is available to assist in finding a substitute.
  • A player who defaults their games because of failure to appear will be charged a penalty fee of $20.00. This amount will be invoiced to the player who defaulted.
  • Entries are limited to 30 players only.


Account Name: Wellington North Badminton Assn Inc
Account Number: 02-0500-0025167-000
Particulars: Player’s First Initial and Last Name
Reference: 19DB09

Payment must be received and showing in the Wellington North Badminton account by Friday 4 October or the player/pair’s entry will be removed.

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