2020 Team WN

We are delighted to confirm selection of 2020 Team WN, who will represent Wellington North Badminton in the 2020 Inter-Association Competition.

We have a great turn out at the respective trials and that gave our selection teams a hard task in selecting the teams for 2020. The selection teams has taken into account players technical skills and playing experience, but above all, their attitude towards the game, being a team player and commitment to train and develop their skills.

Congratulations to those who have been selected. Make sure you train hard, play fair, and most importantly have fun!

Team WN u13 Squad

Team Wn u15 Squad

Team WN u17 Squad

Team WN u19 Squad

Team WN Wisden Squad

Team WN Senior Division 3 Squad

Team WN Senior Division 5 Squad

Team WN Master Division 4 Squad

Team WN Vet Division 2 Squad

Team WN Super Vet Division 1 Squad