Court 7 – Pro Shop

Dubbed Court 7, the Wellington North Badminton Pro Shop is the place to go for all your badminton needs. We offer a wide range of racquets, shoes, bags, grips, and accessories to suit players of all ages and abilities, as well as a professional stringing service.

Some products such as shuttles are available to be purchased, as well as stringing service during our office hours via the office.

We currently offer 2 premium grade of YONEX Aerosensa shuttles.


AS20:A cost-effective option, perfect for practice and social games.

AS30: A premium grade shuttle with good durability and superior flight performance. Ideal for competitive play.

Special edition of RSL Tourny No.1

We just had a new shipment came in for the 90th Anniversary edition of RSL Tourny No.1 shuttles, with one extra shuttle FREE. So for the price of 12, you can 13 in a tube.

RSL Tourny No.1: 90th Anniversary Limited Edition (12+1 FREE)$40/dozen$43/dozen